Set a Trend With Custom Shoe Laces


Shoelaces play a big role in the way shoes feels to the feet. Improper methods of lacing shoes not only makes them look bad, it can also cause foot ills like blisters and hammertoes, and more so in tennis shoes as they are used for playing, putting your feet through strenuous activity. That is why you need to buy shoelaces that work best with your tennis shoes for comfort and safety during exercise.

Factors to Consider When Buying Tennis Shoelaces

When buying shoelaces for tennis shoes, several factors should be considered. These factors include the size of the shoe, the color, the shape of the eyelets and much more. Players with big feet ultimately need long shoelaces that can fit well and cover every part of the shoe for a uniform fit. The shape of the eyelets also dictates the type of shoelaces to buy. Narrow flat eyelets require flat shoelaces that can fit through the eyelets easily. Round-shaped eyelets on the other hand require that you buy shoelaces that are round.

The color of the shoe also dictates the color of shoelaces to buy. For example, a plain white tennis shoe will be complemented best by the white shoelaces, while tennis shoes of other colors should be laced with laces that match with their colors to prevent you from looking odd and out of place.

What most people do not know is that the way you tie your shoelaces can have a big impact on the way they feel on your feet. Tennis shoes should be well laced to prevent discomfortwhen playing as a lot of strain is put on the feet.

How Should Tennis Shoes Be Laced?

First, apply equal tension on the eyelets as you lace from bottom to top to get a uniform and hence comfortable feeling.

Secondly, do not tight the shoe too much as is common with most people. This will make the top part of your feet soar, and keep in mind that you are the size of your foot expands as you go on exercising.

Lastly, also do not loosely lace your shoe, as the foot will move too much in the shoe, making you uncomfortable when running and taking the attention away from the match.

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