Hindi Music

Hindi Music

India is considered as a land of talent. There is a rich pool of talented artists originating from India, especially Delhi. There are many producers and DJ’s that create some of the best Hindi EDM DJ remixes that include the best singers from India. There Indian Singers have a class of their own. They are celebrated as celebrities because of the wonderful gift given by them to the audience. At times the movie is a hit because of the songs embedded in the movie. The music loving community is a fan of the great masters. India is gifted with such great singers. India is not only rich with the quality of the singers but also the quantity. Generation after generations, the singers’ just keep popping up. Just when you feel that a particular generation of singers is about to end, comes in another set of talented singers to mesmerize the fans and all the concern is erased.

So let us take a look at the greatest Bollywood Indian singers and their best composition. We are spoiled for choices though. But we will try our best for it. Lyrics are already available on online Hindi radio channels. Click any lyrics website and get humming along with the Hindi FM radio channel playing your song. Some lyrics website provides a translation of the Hindi film song lyrics for a bigger reach cutting across languages.

Sonu Nigam: This singer has made memorable contributions to the Bollywood with songs that have been personnel favorites for many. To select his best song will be like choosing between gold and platinum. But the song from his recent movie “Agneepath” has been successful to enthrall the audience with this melody .He also won the FilmFare award for the same

Roop Kumar Rathod: Words fall short to describe this maestro. This versatile singer, who is well versed with both classical and Bollywood genre, has given Bollywood many songs which will be considered as the greatest hits in the history of the film industry. Again it is difficult to select his best song .But if one has to select a song , one would go with “Tere Liye” from the movie Veer Zara .This romantic number starring SK and Priety Zinta is the best song which depicts true love

Shaan : This beautiful singer from the new generation of singers of Bollywood came to the limelight after the song from his album “Tanha DIl” .The song is still considered as the best song from the impressive list of songs which he has sung.

Shankar Mahadevan : This singer from the South India has a style of his own. Each time he takes the centre stage there is some kind of a surprise for the audience. Still remember the song “Breathless” when he was new to the industry and bewildered the audience with this special talent. This song will be considered as the best and unique piece of talent from this great singer

AR Rehman: This little maestro again from South India has taken India to a global level and made us proud at the Oscars. His association with the movie Slumdog Millionaire with both music and vocals is just amazing. But his best song will be from the SRK hit from the 90’s “DIL SE” .The title track of this movie cover by Rehman is truly his best performance and still doesn’t fail to entertain the audience.

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